About Us

Green Acres Farm is a family-owned farm established in 1951 and we are located in the Chippens Hill area of Bristol.

Our cows are nourished on the grass within the confines of the farm. We usually have 4-8 cows grazing throughout the year. Our cows are Angus Beef.

Our cows are processed at a nearby meat processing plant that is USDA certified. The facility is inspected by the U.S. government once a week and they have an outstanding record for safety as prescribed by the USDA.

Discount Prices for Large Order Beef Buyers:
Our prices are as follows:

  • ¼ cow – $8.99lb
  • ½ cow – $8.49lb
  • Whole cow $7.99lb

We also offer meat by the piece. All beef is individually labeled, priced by weight, and vacuumed sealed for freshness.

You can purchase meat by the piece by coming to the farm and going through our freezers.

Beef selections include ground beef by the package, soup shanks, chuck, bottom, top round roasts, rib roasts, briskets, and several different cuts of steaks.

Our prices are cheaper than the grocery store and you are supporting a local family-owned farm.

Our motto is: From the Farm to the Table.

Visit Green Acres Farm and go through our freezers today!

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